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Vietnam – nazaj v Ho Chi Minhu

Vietnam – back in Ho Chi Minh city

Our trip was slowly coming to an end. We had our last shuttle back to Ho Chi Minh city. We still had some days left, so we explored the streets. A little tired of the whole trip, we went with a more relaxed pace.

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Vietnam – Hoi An – 2. del

Vietnam – Hoi An – part 2

Although many travellers warned us of going to Vietnam during the time of the Chinese new year, we did it anyway, since we've already had booked the tickets. One of hotels where we stayed helped us to book transportations between cities in advance, so we had no problems after arriving in Vietnam. So far it turned out we would have...

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Vietnam – Hoi An – 1. del

Vietnam - Hoi An - part 1

After a few days of exploring Hue we reserved a ride to a smaller town of Hoi An, which is an old city protected by UNSECO. Houses and streets show the domestic as well as foreign infuence, since this city was a strong trading place in the history. Because of the rich history and its beauty...

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Hue – cesarske grobnice

Hue - imperial tombs

Hue was an imperial city till 1945, which had a strong influence on its history. The most historically rich is definitely forbidden city in the centre of the city. However, everyone visiting Hue should explore the surroundings of the city as large number of temples and shrines...

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