Walk around Tokyo

The thought that I'm far away from home, without friends and acquaintances, without knowing the language should survive and work for three months from the day became worse ... Winter in Japan also has no mercy and "reduction" in electricity consumption by certain undertakings carried out after the Fukushima disaster, the impact on the temperature was in the institute where I worked quite a few stopnij below the city. That is also the need of the day to fall. Thankfully, there are Twitter and its super users. At the time I wrote the following:


The response was that a considerable and using retvitov me Luka gave some names of compatriots who live in Tokyo.


Shibuya Station.


"Shibuya crossing" or. crossing in Shibuya, which also passes up to 3,000 people.


At the station is always a lot of people. Nevertheless, Japanese politeness and humility impact that this crowd does not bother.


All buildings are utilized for promotional purposes. All That Glitters and from every corner comes a sound. "Sensation overload" respectively. overload the senses. :)


We look in the other direction.


Shibuya is almost always full. This is also the place where you meet many Japanese. Then proceed to one of the many izakaj (their typical taverns).


Through the transition ...


Look into one of the shops that are on almost every corner. Each is carefully stocked with fresh cold and hot food, drinks and other little things ...


Transport by small streets is quite limited, or is even prohibited.


Others are street traffic fairly important.


The shift in the area of ​​Shinjuku. Shinjuku Station is the busiest station. According to daily serve the transit of 4 million people, which is the highest in the world.


Here, too, the streets are full ...


Elsewhere already imprisoned ... In the picture outside of the "Yakitori Alley" - street serving yakitori (chicken skewers).


Look through the window ...


Advertisement, advertising and commercials again ... :) It is positive that they have in most cases for each dish a photo. Thus, it is possible to book also by pointing. :)


Evening offer.


Back on one of the main streets.


At the other side. Again, all the buildings shine. It is ironic that the Institute tried to reduce the consumption of electricity with less heating, but here it act wasted. Only that consumption ...


B & W photos otherwise hidden colors, but can not hide the brightness of the billboards.


Here, too, not ...


Shinjuku and Shibuya are processed Tokyo where they are going to a party. Thus, the evenings here full of people who are trying to shake off the stress of their services too heavy.